Saturday, May 8, 2010

CNC Machine Doctor!?

In a lighter vein I am called “Doctor of CNC Machines”, more often since my voluntary retirement from the CNC Machines-manufacturing industry in 2001.
Before I left the manufacturing industry on 31/DEC/2001, I was associated with Machine Tools for 24 years of which the later 18 years were spent in the manufacturing of CNC Machining Centers and CNC Lathes. During those years, though I was mainly responsible for the assembly of Machines I had to frequently assist our ‘Commissioning and Service Department” by attending to some major machine problems at customer works. Our customers are spread all over the country and in almost all the States and when their Machines were down they would anxiously wait for us to troubleshoot the problem. There are many instances when I reached distant destinations sometimes by a late night flight and I would be picked up and taken straight to the Machine. As the Machines are built by us and I have gone there prepared sometimes with all probable required spares the Machine problem would be sorted out within a very short time, without any difficulty. As all their attempts to set right the Machine have failed and now that the Machine is OK sometimes within few minutes after my arrival all those associated with the Machine would assemble there to inspect the Machine and appreciate my accomplishment. With a great sense of relief that they can get back to their 24X7 production schedule they would call me a doctor of CNC Machines!  
Since 2002, I am on my own offering professional services to various industries in Hyderabad and few customers elsewhere in the country in connection with CNC Machine Tools. My Consultancy helps them to keep their Machines in order. Though my job is mostly troubleshooting, my services are also sought for providing predictive maintenance, preventive maintenance, modifying the machines and retrofitting them with new Drives and CNC Systems. In a very competitive engineering industry if a customer cannot machine an accurate component and deliver it on time he would lose customers and business. And when a problem occurs on a Machine they are upset and anxiously wait for my arrival. Once I arrive on the scene they are greatly relieved and when the Machine is repaired they are very happy and are glad that they have a good “CNC Machines Doctor”.  They gladly pay me retainer fees year after year and I ensure that they see me very less because a Doctor means illness! It is better for them and better for me!
The photos below are associated with my nature of work.


  1. By now you are a professor of machines with your consultancy expertise.
    Keep going achieve next highest degree.

    1. Thanks a lot for your appreciative and encouraging comments.


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