Sunday, May 23, 2010

158 precious lives lost in India’s worst aviation disaster in 14 years.

It is with a heavy heart I am writing this article and I am quoting Maurice Maeterlinck: “All our knowledge merely helps us to die a more sudden or painful death than animals that know nothing.”
Yesterday morning at about 6:30 AM an Air India Express plane met with an accident while landing at Mangalore International Airport killing 158 of the 166 on board. The Boeing 737-800 aircraft coming from Dubai and being piloted by very senior pilots with thousands of  hours flying experience did not report of any problems, the plane just careered off the end of the Table-top runway and plunged into a ravine and was engulfed in flames. Of the 160 passengers and 6 crew members only eight passengers survived.
As details of the crash and the dead passengers became available the effect of the tragedy deepened. The passengers mostly belonged to Kerala and the rest to Karnataka. Most of them were coming home on a holiday, some to attend marriages and some to attend the final rites of a relative and so on. Few families perished in this accident and one such family’s sixteen members have died. 19 children and 4 infants who had so much to see in life died in the crash. With this; the hopes, dreams and aspirations of the dead and their families have come to an end. And ultimately the families, relatives, friends, acquaintances, co-workers neighbors and so many people they are associated with will suffer the most due to this tragedy. I do not know any of the passengers or their families but I am saddened with the tragic news pouring out from Mangalore. And Mangalore is a place with which I and my brother were associated for over 5 years.
I pray God to help all those suffering due to this tragedy to soon overcome the grief and survive and survive well. And may the investigators find the causes of this mishap at the earliest and ensure that nothing like this will ever happen again.   

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