Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Enjoying chilly weather at Hyderabad.

Since four days the weather at Hyderabad is chilly and breezy. It is cloudy and the Sun has hardly come out during these four days. Further there was a drizzle for few hours on Saturday and Sunday that is on 7th and 8th November. I am narrating all this not to complain but to say that I am enjoying this phase of winter in Hyderabad. Of course if this continues for long we would miss the warmth of the Sun and perhaps fall sick. On Sunday afternoon, after lunch, we went on a long ride, out of the city towards Medchal and enjoyed the cool fresh air and the greenery along the drive. We went to two Nurseries there and picked up few plants for our home garden. The chill weather, the ride and the visit to the Nurseries with beautiful plants was a refreshing trip. And these days, hot beverages and hot snacks are adding to the fun.
I understand that this weather condition is partly due to active north-east monsoon in Tamil Nadu, Kerala and south coastal districts of AP State and aggravated due to a low pressure in the Bay of Bengal which is now moving towards Lakshadweep in the Arabian Sea, where it is likely to turn into a depression. The forecast is that this cloudy and chill weather condition would prevail in Hyderabad for another couple of days. 
Heavy rains in Nellore, Prakasam, Chittoor and Kadapa districts of AP State and in Tamil Nadu have caused flooding in some areas and destroyed crops, but the overall satisfactory feeling is that all water sources are full. And the adjoining areas that received normal rains are feeling happy as this is very beneficial to their crops.
These depressions and storms in the Bay of Bengal along the coast of AP State are very common. These storms may affect the north coastal districts and sometimes the south coastal districts and in either case there is an impact on Hyderabad weather. Sometimes we have heavy rains in summer bringing great relief from the intense heat. And sometimes when the south-west monsoon which is the main source of rain to the State fails it is just these rains due to depressions in the Bay of Bengal that bring relief to AP.
I am fully aware of the difficulties people in coastal areas face due to inclement weather and during storms and cyclones in the sea and as they approach land. I am aware of the loss and damage they cause to the houses, roadways, rail tracks, power transmission lines, crops cattle and other properties. I fully sympathize with the lives of these people who suffer from these extremities. My present article on rejoicing with the weather conditions in Hyderabad may seem to contradict my above feelings of sympathy, but it is not true. My feeling of happiness is purely from a local point of view.
In conclusion I would like to quote Pepper Giardino, who said “Weather is a great metaphor for life - sometimes it's good, sometimes it's bad, and there's nothing much you can do about it but carry an umbrella”.  

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