Monday, November 2, 2009

100th blog post - celebrations!

Yesterday I posted my 100th article to this Blog and I am quite happy to reach this milestone. When I began blogging six months ago I had an apprehension that I might discontinue writing for one reason or the other but fortunately it continued without a break. This achievement certainly called for a celebration yesterday, 1st November. The celebration was quiet a low note one in the form of a Buffet Lunch at “Ohri’s Havmor-70MM” restaurant on Necklace Road and Dinner at the recently opened “36 Bar-B-Q” restaurant adjacent to our house, just for the three of us, my wife, our eldest son and myself.
I received few messages of congratulations and encouragement yesterday through emails, facebook, orkut, phone calls and through comments at my blog. This has certainly made me happy. The joy of writing is enhanced and lasts as long as there are readers. Unfortunately I do not know who is reading my blog until they communicate their views or comments to me. Because of the response I have received from some readers I know that about twenty-five persons are regularly or occasionally following my posts. To assess the viewership I installed a Counter to my blog on 18th August ‘09. This tells me how many persons have visited my blog so far, every day and how many articles have been seen but it does not tell me who exactly has seen them. In these eleven weeks, over 3800 unique and repeat visitors have reached my blog at an average of 50 hits a day. This information makes me happy but I would be much happier if more and more readers let me know who they are and express their views on my articles.
From the time I was ten and half years old I was away from my parents for being at better schools and college. I was away from my parents for the next twelve years meeting them only during vacations. During all these twelve long years and may be for another additional four years there was extensive letter writing mostly between my father and myself and then my sister, two friends in particular, my grandmother, a cousin, my brother and of course with my future wife for almost four years during our intense courtship. All my letters used to be very long and in case it was an Inland letter every side and gap on the letter would have my scribbling. During this period I also kept Diaries and made entries of most important events. And all this came to an end the moment I took up a job. During the last 30 years my writing was restricted to only official correspondence on technical matters concerning manufacturing of Machine Tools and their Service related issues. It is only after I started blogging I am able to once again write on several personal and general topics. I hope I shall continue to love this new found hobby and write more for the entertainment of members of the immediate family, extended family, friends and whoever is interested on regular basis and for the casual visitor seeking information.


  1. Hi Raghu mama !!! Congratulations on completing a century of blogs....


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