Saturday, June 20, 2009

What a great Cricket Team!

We have the world’s greatest Cricket team. Whether it is a Test match or ODI match or T20 match, India is the best and a sure winner. The team consists of greatest Indians; each of them is a He-man and a Superman. Every player has many records to his credit and each of these records makes the Indian cricket commentators and cricket enthusiasts to recite them often with great pride. We love and admire them so much that we have honored them with Arjuna Awards and Padma Sri Awards.
We look forward to every match they are playing. We go to any stadium where ever it is in the world; to watch and cheer them. Every pull, drive, cut, sweep or glance by an Indian player is perfect and best. Even the defensive strokes are a pleasure to watch. Every boundary and six they hit makes the commentators shout with delight describing them as amazing, awesome, greatest, fastest, bullet-like, gigantic and so on. All this makes us scream, jump and dance with joy. Every Indian bowler whether a fast bowler or medium-pace bowler or a spinner, is dreaded by the opposite team. The best of the international batsmen fear to face Indian bowling. Every wicket they capture re-unites the team with immense joy. The bowler makes a combination of gestures which is amusing and beyond the description of a civil society. Then the bowler and the fielders run in circles and finally do a Bhangra along with the Captain. I love and admire this ritual; it rejuvenates the team and my respect for this noble game.
In the ongoing ICC World Twenty20 matches, India has won with Bangladesh and Ireland. Our team is now back-home after playing another three matches with West Indies, England and South Africa. Tomorrow they will be watching the T20 final between our mighty neighbors and very friendly countries Pakistan and Sri Lanka from the coziness of their houses. For these great battles they have won over Bangladesh and Ireland, I wish all the players are awarded with Maha Vir Chakras and Param Vir Chakras. This would make us all Indians once again proud of our demigods.
Due to the great T20 performance by the Indian team; I am enjoying my reward, a carton of 12-coke cans from my nephew - Sridhar (to appreciate this reward please refer to my blog of 7th June ’09). Thank you, my dearest and greatest cricketers!

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  1. Congrats Raghu uncle for the coke cans , i wish i had someone to give me some and I totally agree with what you have posted.
    Continue posting such articles...
    Srikanth Vyasabhattu


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