Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Relishing Kababs as never before!

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We are relishing Kababs at Hyderabad as never before with the opening of a number of Barbeque restaurants offering unlimited helpings. These restaurants have brought the concept of offering about 6 varieties of Non-veg. and 6 Veg. Kababs as unlimited starters before a Buffet-Main course. To name a few restaurants; they are ‘The Great Kabab Factory’, ‘36 Chhattees Bar-B-Q’ and ‘Barbeque Nation’. Restaurants like ‘Chhattees’ and ‘Barbeque Nation’ offer a live personal Grill which is embedded into your table. A variety of Indian and International Kababs with mind boggling and attractive names are brought on skewers (almost cooked) and placed on your Grill. There are a variety of spiced-oils and sauces for you to enrich the Kababs to your taste, as they are further getting heated and smoked-up in front of you. The experience of food getting cooked in front of you and the aroma is great. Your Grill is never left empty; Skewers after Skewers of Lamb, Chicken, Mutton, Fish and Prawn Kababs are brought to you. With so many varieties of Non-Veg. Kababs, we get to taste only a selected few Veg. Kababs. Only when you are finished with the Kababs, the live Grill is taken off the table and you can proceed for the Main Course. Of course, if you can accommodate any further! The main course is also a lavish spread. Normally there is one Veg. & one Non-veg. soup, variety of Non-veg. & Veg. Salads, about 3 Non-veg. & 6 Veg. Curries along with Rotis, Naans, Chicken/Mutton Biryani, even Curd-rice and finally a minimum spread of 6 Desserts. The Kabab menu and the Main course menu are different on each day.

Before the arrival of these restaurants we could taste fewer varieties of unlimited Kababs only at some Kabab festivals or Awadhi/Lucknowi/Hyderabadi food festivals that are once a year; once a week sort of happenings.

Nowadays almost all restaurants in Hyderabad serve Kababs, a la carte. Much earlier it was the popular ‘Bade Miyan Kababs’ on Tank bund, serving just Sheek-Kababs and Boti-Kababs and some outlets like Alhamdulillah at Nampally. In-between our visits to these modern concept Barbeques or other restaurants, our good-old, next-door ‘Paradise Take-away Kababs’ caters to our Kabab-appetite, but only in a limited way.

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