Friday, June 5, 2009

God bless Prenderghast Road!

Between MG Road and Ministers Road lies a short PG Road,
Over eight years ago demolitions took place to widen this Road,
No one knows why, for there were no problems on this Road.
On 4th Nov. 2000, after a 3-day notice, an armed demolition squad arrived,
And in Public interest! Selective properties were demolished,
Since then the road became narrower as more vehicles could be parked.
Authorities posed to commence here a super highway construction,
But left some influential houses & a function hall as obstruction.
Eateries and parking lots have come up on the road causing indignation,
This uncalled project continues to inconvenience beyond imagination.
Master Plan is blind to the problems of the overcrowded MG Road,
And soon enters the 10th year of torturing the Tame and Tiny PG Road.
The above rhythmic narration projects the problems we are facing on the Road in front of our house in Secunderabad. The Road is Prendergast Road and is called PG Road in short. All the property owners along this Road were served notices on 1st Nov. 2000 showing the area of land they will have to forego in public interest for the widening of PG Road. And on 4th Nov. 2000 the authorities came with police protection, men and machinery and began demolishing compound walls and structures all along the Road sparing the properties of some influential owners and a function hall.
We had to give away 40 sq. yards of our precious land. We had to relocate our structures, compound wall and gates. A meager compensation that was mentioned in the Notice never reached us, for which of course we never bothered. Then they took over 2 years to cut trees, relocate electrical poles, telephone junction boxes and cables along the old Road and lay the wider Road. Right from the time of surrendering our properties the extended road is being used for parking vehicles right from MG Road end to Ministers Road. From Paradise to PG Road it has become a paid parking area. Many eateries and road side vendors have come up all along the road and the buildings of many influential people and a marriage hall belonging to a powerful community restrict the width of the Road to the past size. All these factors only increase traffic, obstruct free flow of traffic and cause frequent traffic jams. With no authority bothered about these unlicensed roadside eateries and no police to regulate traffic and prevent haphazard parking on our erstwhile properties; PG Road is reduced to a commercial lane with no benefit for the residents. The Master Plan of the Municipal Corporation is a big flop, there is no public convenience whatsoever. May wisdom prevail over the authorities, let them make a real wide road as planned and make this a silent and peaceful colony as before.

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