Thursday, June 25, 2009


This quiz is for all our family members and specially the following; who have joined us in the recent past: Dr. Lavanya, Archana, Dr. Hina, Karthik.A, Swathi and Madhuri. It would not be possible for the new family members to answer all of them all alone so they may seek assistance of their life-partners.

This is a repeat of the quiz I conducted for the family on 31st Dec. 2002.

Each event/incident detailed below; best fits one person in our family. On a piece of paper write down the Serial number of the description and against it write down the name of the family member. You may crosscheck your answers with the ones I would be providing after a week in the comments section of this blog.


1. Fell down and suffered amnesia causing worry to all.

2. How could he get his driving license at the age of 14?

3. Ran away from a professional college.

4. Forgot Hall-ticket to an important examination.

5. I don’t eat Non-veg., but I cook ‘Chicken 65’ well.

6. Touch heals pain.

7. Bought at a Temple auction.

8. Mastered the art of breaking coconuts in 2002.

9. Dream boy, resembles a record holder of ducks.

10. Careless then, careful now, after losing diamond studs.

11. Fit for organizing 1 & 7 day events now, but called ‘Puniki cheythulu’ in childhood.

12. Punished by TV in 2002.

13. Bruised tummy badly by diving for a fish ….or a ball?

14. Always on the move in a Sarkari Gaddi.

15. Dream boy resembles a gun / _ _ _ _gan.

16. A stitch on the face and leg.

17. Pearls from this source, adorn many ladies all over India.

18. Could shriek louder than all when small.

19. Cannot visualize, without Mobile Phone in hand or at ear.

20. Day in day out, travel is best.

21. Nicknamed after foxes favorite.

22. Dieting turned detrimental to height.

23. Silk and embroidery, reminds of him.

24. For good health, be active at all ages.

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