Sunday, April 26, 2009

Surprise! Silver Anniversary Party!

I just returned from a surprise 25th marriage anniversary party hosted to Sunitha and Gopi. Sunitha is my sister-in-law, my wife’s sister. All are happy with the dinner party; it was very successful in every aspect and especially in the surprise element given to Sunitha and Gopi. Gopi being busy with the General Elections-09 was perhaps planning a party at a later date. In the meantime their eldest daughter Sravanthi who is in U.S.A. and is unable to come down has planned the party for her parents at Secunderabad through her cousin Dr. Sudheer. Dr. Sudheer is my nephew, my brother Dr. Lakshminarsu’s eldest son. Dr. Sudheer’s wife Dr. Lavanya took the entire responsibility of making arrangements for the party; that is selection of venue, menu, decorations etc. The anniversary is actually on Saturday, 25th April but it was decided to host the dinner today, on 26th April, as Sunday would be very convenient to all the guests.
The venue is in an exclusive banquet hall close to our house. About 15 families were invited telling them to keep the particulars of the party a secret from Mrs. & Mr. Gopi. Sunitha and Gopi were invited to the party by my brother stating that it is a get-together to celebrate Dr. Sudheer’s new Car procurement. The surprise was a big one for the couple, they came to know that it is their anniversary party only on entering the banquet hall and everyone started congratulating and wishing them the best!
PS: Sometime after posting the above blog I came to know of an anti-climax to the surprise element. I have learnt a lesson and I wanted all of you to know – never never invite persons who cannot keep secrets to surprise parties. I understand 7 hours prior to the party one of the invitees called up Sunitha to enquire about the evening party and the surprise was out to them. However we are all happy that the party went off very well.

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  1. I should thank lavanya bhabi .. for taking all the pains in organizing the party... and also i should say i am lucky to have such a supportive and loving family....Missing u all...
    Thank you everybody for making the party a success...


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