Tuesday, March 27, 2018

What is cooking in Delhi for India?

What is cooking in Delhi for India?
Plans for serving a great preparation,
A concoction to make India happy!
A preparation not for today,
Or tomorrow,
But for every day,
In the future,
With a promise,
That it shall make every Indian,
Ecstatic and pleased!
The food is called Hot Mixture,
Rather Maha Hot Mixture!
One chef has arrived on the scene,
To make this dish,
And is busy roping in other chefs,
Chefs who have been at loggerheads,
For many seasons and years,
Are now coming together.
Unfortunately all are mediocre chefs,
Chefs who have been rejected,
Not once but many times,
Poor performers,
Yet ambitious!
The recipe is a dream project,
A selfish dream,
Of each of these chefs,
To come into limelight,
And lead a grand life,
But with every chef,
Projecting himself,
Or herself,
As Team Leader,
With ambitions of becoming,
Master Chef of India,
The outcome of the dish,
Appears frightening.
Such grouping of mediocre chefs,
In the past,
Promising great results,
Have left a bitter taste.
I hope fellow Indians,
Will remember this,
And the adage,
‘Too many cooks,
Spoil the broth’,
And will reject this,
Grouping of mediocre chefs,
To serve us.

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