Monday, October 23, 2017

Do not eat fish from lakes in and around Hyderabad.

Do not eat fish from lakes in and around Hyderabad,
The local lakes are dangerously polluted,
These toxic lakes are poisoning and killing fishes,
And no one is bothered of the health of lakes and fishes.
Fishermen are devastated,
Men and animals dependant on the lakes are unwell,
And the poisoned local fishes are sold everywhere,
Protect yourself, take care.
Continue eating fish; from elsewhere,
And only seafood from a good store.

With recent heavy rains in Hyderabad, lakes around the city have become more contaminated and dangerously poisonous. Toxic material and industrial waste has flown into these lakes from all directions of the city that is fast developing and producing harmful waste and pollution. In just the past five days, over four tons of fish have died in Edulabad lake alone.
Edulabad is a small town situated in the outskirts of Hyderabad near Ghatkesar, 26 km from our house. It is popular for the ancient 'Shri Godha (Aandal) Sametha Mannaru Ranganayaka Swamy Temple'  and the lake adjoining the town known as Edulabad lake. Lakhs of fishes weighing over four tons have died in this lake in the past few days. This has been happening on a smaller scale over the years but this year it has almost killed the entire fish population. The recent heavy rains washed into the lake extremely poisonous industrial waste, especially from pharmaceutical firms and are causing such heavy damage. This is happening to all lakes in and around the city, fishes are dying everywhere. And these live or dead fishes are found to have traces of many poisonous substances, for instance chloromethane, a solvent used in pharma industry which triggers neurological and reproductive ill-effects and other poisons which cause minor to major ailments.
The fishes of our city lakes are mostly, Catla (Botccha), Rohu, Bangaru theega, Gas cut and Mergu, avoid them until our lakes are safe for fish and us.

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