Saturday, April 15, 2017

A quiz on the Easter Egg Hunt at Srilekha.

In this Easter egg hunt,
Six children took part,
Two girls,
And Anisha,
And four boys,
And Atharv.
The total eggs found by them are eighteen!
As you can see in the attached pictures.
Each girl found same number of eggs,
Among boys too each found an equal number,
So among girls there was no winner,
Nor among boys there was a winner,
But as the total number of eggs picked by girls,
Exceeded the total number picked by boys,
We declared the girls as winners!
And the boys are disappointed.
To amuse the boys,
The girls have decided,
To cook eggs for them,
Three eggs each for the girls and boys,
In whichever way they may wish.
Now coming to the quiz,
How many eggs have the girls found?
To win the Easter Egg Hunt!
And how many have the boys found?

NOTE: This quiz is for children and they must solve it within 3 minutes after reading or listening to the quiz. Elders too can participate in this quiz but they must solve it within 1 minute J 
The spirit of Easter,
Is all about Hope,
Love and Joyful living!

It is good to start
The day with prayers,
And a hearty breakfast!
With all family members.

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