Monday, November 28, 2016

About Aakrosh Diwas / Bharat Bandh.

Disgruntled politicians who have aligned to foment chaos today through Aakrosh Diwas / Bharat Bandh will most certainly be disappointed by the end of the day…their party workers would join them in the protests but not common men. I agree that there are shortfalls and some unfortunate sad incidents in implementation of demonetization, but as all of us are witnessing, the authorities are doing their best to overcome problems on hourly basis.  And I am sure it will not take much longer to bring everything under control and most certainly by 30th December 2016 as announced by the Government. Protests by opposition parties are doing more harm than good for the peaceful implementation of demonetization. It is common wisdom that most things are difficult before they become easy.
With today’s flop show I hope these political parties will mend their ways, otherwise they would become the laughing stock of the country for a long time to come.  

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