Monday, August 10, 2015

Memorable Pictures with Rhythmic Posts on Facebook – Part VII

Mera Bharat Mahan!
Mera politicians mahan!
Politicians ke relatives mahan!
Their businesses mahan!
Their overnight Crores mahan!
Sonia Gandhi mahan!
Rahul Gandhi mahan!
Priyanka Gandhi/Vadra? mahan!
How dare anyone call Robert Vadra mean?
Party workers protect all these mahan!
Mera Bharat Mahan!
Don’t worry about Doomsday rumour,
That is about 21st December.
Don’t worry about anything,
Even about your heart, till it stops beating!
Sorry for the inconvenience,
Once again this road is being dug-up,
For some pipe line spruce-up,
Hopefully for your convenience!
Please don’t ask us when the road will be re-laid,
We assure you, it will not take a decade.
Pictures are so similar!
One from the past,
Other from the present,
Of a grandmother,
And her granddaughter!
‘B&W’ are of my sister; Hema,
‘Colour’; of the granddaughter, Anisha!
Hunters Guns are hanging on walls,
And the Bullets are resting in safes,
Their Bows are hanging on walls,
And Arrows are resting in vaults.
Because their Game is almost annihilated,
And as a result Hunting is prohibited.
Guns and Bows are now mighty Show-offs!
As in these Photographs!
To the left,
Is ‘Short Uncle’ and ‘Tall Nephew’.
To the right,
Is ‘Tall Uncle’ and ‘Short Nephew’!
So in this picture,
There are four.
Two short and two tall!
Can you solve this riddle!?
Of course you can!
Because there is no much change in one!
A lake with no water,
And a forest with no trees!?
And which is this road with least traffic,
Along a lake, with not so good water,
But with beautiful landscaping and many trees!?
The answer to the first riddle as you might already know is ‘A MAP’.
The second riddle is for you to answer. I can only say that it is a lovely road. It is close to our house; I frequent this place and enjoy driving here.

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