Friday, May 15, 2015

International Day of Families.

Today 15th May is the International Day of Families. 15th May has been proclaimed for this important occasion by the United Nations General Assembly in 1993 and the first such day was observed on 15th May, 1994. The day reflects the importance the international community attaches to families. It is an occasion to celebrate the importance of families to people, societies and cultures around the world. It is to promote the importance of a healthy and well-balanced family.
Every year, the UN Secretary-General makes to the particular applicable motto attention, and this was from 1996 as follows:
·         2015 - "Men in charge? Gender equality and children's rights in contemporary families"
·         2014 - "Families Matter for the Achievement of Development Goals; International Year of the Family”
·         2013 - "Advancing Social Integration and Intergenerational Solidarity"
·         2012 - "Ensuring work family balance"
·         2011 - "Confronting Family Poverty and Social Exclusion"
·         2010 - "The impact of migration on families around the world"
·         2009 - "Mothers and Families: Challenges in a Changing World"
·         2008 - "Fathers and Families: Responsibilities and Challenges"
·         2007 - "Families and Persons with Disabilities"
·         2006 - "Changing Families: Challenges and Opportunities"
·         2005 - "HIV/AIDS and Family Well-being"
·         2004 - "The Tenth Anniversary of the International Year of the Family: A Framework for Action"
·         2003 - "Preparations for the observance of the Tenth Anniversary of the International Year of the Family in 2004"
·         2002 - "Families and Ageing: Opportunities and Challenges"
·         2001 - "Families and Volunteers: Building Social Cohesion "
·         2000 - "Families: Agents and Beneficiaries of Development"
·         1999 - "Families for all ages"
·         1998 - "Families: Educators and Providers of Human Rights"
·         1997 - "Building Families Based on Partnership"
·         1996 - "Families: First Victims of Poverty and Homelessness"

On this International Day of Families, I wish everyone to be loving and supportive to their families and spread happiness as they nurture the young and care for the old. May they foster strong communities built on tolerance and dignity for all, and create a healthier world for all.

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