Sunday, February 15, 2015

Happy Valentine’s Day Celebration! – 2015.

We had a nice evening today, on the occasion of Valentine’s Day. It was a very happy occasion that lasted until well after dinner. Every one enjoyed the party as you can see in the attached pictures.
Celebrations make life more enjoyable and fun. Apart from our very own religious and traditional celebrations round the year, there are birthdays, national holidays, other religions festivals, family get-togethers and many commemorative days of foreign origin that we get to enjoy. For example Mother’s Day, Women’s Day and Valentine’s Day are all adding up to our own festivals for girls and women like Rakhi Pournami. Many such celebrations spread love and affection and give as a special opportunity to express our thanks. Celebrations are very important and without them we cannot enjoy life fully.
I do not know whether any other country has so much to celebrate. In the past even without foreign influence India had much to celebrate. It is said that we had a festival in India somewhere or the other, every day of the year, 365 days in a year! For instance there was a celebration on the day of commencing ploughing, on the occasion of procuring new implements or equipment, one for planting day, one for weeding and then for harvesting. Many are now neglected or forgotten or observed without much enthusiasm. But thanks to newer occasions we get to celebrate (additionally), so that we can enjoy, express our love, affection and gratitude to those so close to us.

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