Friday, August 15, 2014

Happy 68th Independence Day,..the 1st for Telangana State!

What a Happy Day! …especially as today is the First Independence Day of our Country’s newest State – TELANGANA! For which I have been aspiring since 1969 and many since 1956. God bless Telangana and our Country on this happy occasion.
Independence Day is a day of remembrance as well as dedication. Just as our Country achieved freedom through a very long struggle and sacrifice by generations of selfless patriots; young and old, men and women cutting across the barriers of caste, religion and region from all over the country, TELANGANA STATE too has become a reality after a similar struggle full of sacrifices. Today I wish to thank and pay my respects to all the great men, dead and alive who have made our Country - The Republic of India and Telangana State possible.  
May our State and Country prosper in every aspect and the people live in peace and happiness forever. GOD BLESS. 

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