Saturday, July 26, 2014

Ramzan festival shopping at night in Hyderabad.

This year’s month of Ramzan is coming to a close and the festival of Eid-ul-Fitr is three days from now on Tuesday, 29th July 2014. So the frenzy of Ramzan shopping in Hyderabad is at its peak. It is said that Hyderabad seldom sleeps in the month of Ramzan. And in the last few days to the festival it even stops blinking.
This article is about our recent Ramzan shopping experience; late in the night around Charminar. As you can see in the attached pictures and video, some shopping areas are virtually bursting at the seams! The crowding around Charminar simply defies expression; the photographs are an indication of the crowds, the shops and the glitter but your physical presence there though mobility is very difficult is entirely different, very wholesome, as you can witness and feel the festive atmosphere, the joy of shopping and happiness among the crowds, the vendors shouting to attract customers, the huge variety of merchandise on sale and the glitter of merchandise and lights.
On sale are a variety of items for the young and elderly, bright colored glittering garments, shimmering bangles, jewellery, fancy slippers, fashion accessories like scarves, purses, pins, clips and for men sherwanis with intricate embroidery, attractive kurtha-pyjamas, atthar, surma, perfumes, caps, chadaavs (ethnic slip on shoes) and so on.
A variety of items for house decoration and home needs like table cloth, bed-sheets, carpets, wall-hangings, kitchen utensils, dinnerware, glassware and electrical appliances are also available.
Then there are also shops selling dry fruits, seasonal fruits, large variety of dates, semiyan/vermicelli and a number of ingredients for making lip-smacking dishes for the festival.
These shopping areas are also dotted with eateries in the night, serving Hyderabad specialties and Ramzan specialties like Haleem.
Though these places are very crowded and driving and parking here is cumbersome a visit to these shopping areas is an awesome and memorable experience.

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