Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Go Hyderabad, Go Telangana, Go and Vote! For a better future and a better Nation!

Today is a very special day, have been anxiously waiting for it since a long time... it is Election Day! in soon to be formed Telangana State. Here, the elections are for both the State Assembly (Vidan Sabha) and Lok Sabha. We casted our Votes in the morning by 8:30 a.m., and then we had a celebratory sumptuous buffet breakfast at The Park and returned home just now. My eldest son Srikanth arrived early in the morning from Bangalore to cast his Vote. And my youngest son Srinath, who is in Birmingham-UK, has been canvassing over facebook and twitter for a political Party of his choice, mainly because his close friend’s father belongs to that Party and is contesting in this election.
Though the number of candidates contesting in our Sanathnagar Assembly Constituency and Secunderabad Parliamentary Constituency is rather huge, 22 and 30 respectively, it was easy for us to narrow down to few candidates and then vote for the best. Hope they win and serve us well.
Polling booths across Telangana will close at 6:00 p.m., so if you have not yet cast your vote, please decide fast and wisely, and cast your vote without fail.

P.S. Proud to be an Indian, proud to Vote and celebrate Democracy today!

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