Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Tribute to Uday Kiran...

Uday Kiran; very handsome and a good movie star, popularly known as hat-trick hero, just 33 years old and he is no more. Tragic, I feel very sad.
Whatever the reasons – professional and caste related suppression, isolation by film fraternity, financial or domestic problems; he should not have killed himself. He should have concentrated very strongly on finding ways to overcome his problems and worked in that direction instead of suicidal thoughts. He could have simply sold his flat and other properties and invested that amount wisely so as to lead a simple life on the returns.
Film industry is not a rosy field for many. It provides employment only on and off and there is always anxiety and anguish in between. And we have seen that towards old age most of them suffer.
It is also a tragedy that ugly actors young and old from big houses are thrust upon us after heavy makeup or cosmetic surgeries and a naturally handsome and good actor like Uday Kiran is abandoned.
Though he has acted in very few films that are about twenty, his friends and fans will always remember him. May his soul rest in peace.

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