Thursday, December 5, 2013

GOOD NEWS FOR TELANGANA! After so many agonising ups and downs and twists.

GREAT NEWS! Today evening the Union Cabinet approved the draft bill to carve out Telangana State out of Andhra Pradesh. Ten Districts of Telangana would get statehood with Hyderabad as its Capital.
Decades of struggle and sacrifice with hope and prayer for Telangana State is soon going to be a reality! Hope the adversaries of Telangana people will cease to play spoil sport once again, all in the name of their craving for Hyderabad.
GOD bless us with a happy and prosperous Telangana State at the earliest and our adversaries with the wisdom to live happily in their centuries old province and develop it into Swarna Andhra Pradesh under its great leaders with a well planned, modern and great Capital City.

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