Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Massive serial blasts witnessed by us!

The above video is of the massive serial blasts witnessed by us and filmed by me at Singareni Collieries - Gautam Khani Opencast Coal Mine, Gouthampur, Kothagudem. The video gives you a glimpse of the intensity of the serial blasts. But our experience was far too great. With the explosions we felt heavy tremors under and around us, and the sudden cloud bursts that shot up to great heights swiftly and the rocks and earth that flew out high and long in every direction and the deafening sound of the blasts which reached us a few seconds later because of the distance separating us, was a unique sight and experience that we will never forget.
You may click on the following link to reach several of my photo-articles / blog posts on Kothagudem, Singareni Collieries and nearby places of interest like – Bhadrachalam, River Godavari, Parnashala, Kinnerasani and Papikondalu:

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