Sunday, September 29, 2013

Drive out this thughlaq leader and his coterie.

Hearing to this thughlaq leader’s nonsense I have a strong feeling to drive out this ‘diabolic shameless ignorant idiot’ out of our boundary using every possible means – strong retorts and of course certainly his favourite Cricket Bat and my favourite Baseball Bat! But I can’t do this as I am not like him and his filthy team; I am governed by decent game rules.
Good news is that his diabolic innings is anyway coming to an end. He has dug his own grave by hurting the intellectuals and all the men who matter with his corrupt match fixing practices and irresponsible babble.
If ever he rises up again, may he learn to speak intelligently and play a decent game.  

Do you remember this landmark tree?

Far away from our homes,
At a home to million trees,
This huge tree stood out for centuries,
At a junction near Woodlands!
Providing shade and being admired!
By countless people who passed by it.
Sadly tragedy struck this perfect beauty!
Today it lives in our photos and memory.
- Mrs. N. Lalitha Raghu.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Dear Srinath, Wish You A Very Happy Birthday.

1st October’13.
Dear Srinath,
Blessings and Good Wishes for a very Happy Birthday and many many happy returns of the day.
This blog post is especially for you, not only for you but for our family and friends. I compiled it with your birthday photographs, whatever I could find in the last few hours. As and when I come across more birthday photographs, I shall keep adding them. I am sure you and all those who see it will like this presentation.
At any point of time, wherever we are this would enable all of us to instantly access and enjoy these memorable Birthday Photographs.
Have a wonderful day.
With love,
- Daddy.
Happy Memories – Srinath’s Birthdays!
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