Friday, July 12, 2013

They are not leaders; they are charlatans, bandits and morons.

Yet another excuse today, yet another postponement, yet another undefined delay, these people don’t deserve to be called leaders, they are charlatans, bandits and  morons, concentrating just on fooling people with gimmicks, freebies, money and liquor to come to power and ensure their personal happiness and prosperity by all possible dubious means. It is because of such crooks, that even after 65 years of Independence our masses live in poverty and hundreds die of hunger or by committing suicide out of frustration and everyday thousands of people are running away from our country seeking livelihood in foreign countries, what a shameful situation. I fail to understand why our people elect such incompetent rogues to power.   
My frustration with such hopeless leadership increases with every misdeed and failure of theirs. I do not know when and how our country will ever have good leaders and the injustices we have been facing will come to an end. Until such time our country will not prosper and be like so many well to do happy nations.
Misrule, deceit, corruption etc. by the rulers of any country, annoys all concerned and specially the educated people. Their anger, helplessness and frustration give rise to strong reaction in various forms, for instance; harsh open criticism and such emotional songs:

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