Thursday, May 9, 2013

Our Wedding Anniversary – 2013.

Today is our 34th Wedding Anniversary. With both our sons away from home, Srikanth in Bangalore and Srinath in Birmingham (UK), we had a simple and quiet celebration at home with the rest of the family.  The attached photographs are of the celebration we had this evening. My mother who is 93 years old does not figure in the photographs as she has gone to sleep early today.
According to a message from, it is 12,420 days! since Lalitha and I got married...that is from 9th May 1979 to today – 9th May 2013, both days included. Though the figures - 34 years or 12,420 days may sound large; it is not so for us, we always have a feeling that we got married just a couple of years back!   

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