Sunday, March 31, 2013

Rising popularity of street food in Hyderabad.

Many years ago Street Food was rare in Hyderabad and not very popular. The food and the environment were considered unhygienic. But these days the scenario has changed. 
You can find Roadside Food Stalls everywhere, on the main roads, by lanes, market places and in every colony. And these are really in very large numbers today. Initially it was just Chaat Bhandars but later Chinese Food Stalls and many South Indian Tiffin Centres have come up. They operate mostly form Push Carts or a Single Room Stall in which the kitchen is located and customers will have to stand around or sit and eat on the few stools, benches or chairs provided. They start quite early in the morning and close late in the night.
Some of these eateries have become very popular, not just in the area where they are located but all over the city. The surroundings may not look very tidy but the food is served fresh and hot, and it is delicious and prepared to your taste. People talk highly about them and their popularity increases.
The above photographs are of Ravi Tiffin Centre also known as Ravi Bandi; at Gulzar Hauz, near Charminar. It is one of the most popular Roadside eateries in Hyderabad. It is located opposite another popular eatery, Agra Mithai Ghar and Restaurant. Ravi Tiffin Centre serves very tasty - hot Idly (milky white and very soft), Vada, Butter Dosa and variants like Idly Fry and Masala Dosa, Tomato Dosa and so on. The sell-out crowd you see around the Tiffin Centre (in the above pictures) speaks for itself about its popularity.

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