Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Vinayaka Chavithi Festival – Special & Unique Food!

Like every other festival of ours, Vinayaka Chavithi or Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated with some very special and unique food. I call this food special and unique because they are a very delicious combination and normally prepared only today, on the day of the festival, that is only once in a year. They are Lord Ganesha’s favourite and ours too. The recipes and the tradition of this festive food have come to us from generations of our ancestors. The most important of the special festival food are as shown in the above photographs, Pasham, Chinthakaya Thokku, Thummikura Pappu and Kudumulu.
Pasham: Wheat Flour Spaghetti cooked usually in Jaggery Syrup or sometimes in Sugar syrup, and spiced up with fried Poppy seed paste, Cardamom powder and Cashew nuts. Spaghetti is prepared a day in advance as shown in the fourth and fifth picture.
Chintakaya Thokku: Fresh (Raw) Tamarind Chutney.
Thummikura Pappu: It is a Dal prepared with a seasonally available special green leaf vegetable called Thummikura and Green Gram (Moong Dal).
Kudumulu: Steam cooked - Rice Flour tiny Patties, eaten with Jaggery, Lord Ganesha’s most favourite snack!
I hope you are all enjoying the Festival. May Lord Ganesha bless you richly.

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