Monday, September 24, 2012

“Sudigadu” - Movie: An Exemplary Mockery of Tollywood Baloney!

It is exactly a month since the release of “Sudigadu”, a Telugu movie, which has become a great hit not only in AP State but even abroad. After having read a number of reviews appreciating the movie, I saw it a fortnight ago. I am glad I saw it. I thoroughly enjoyed it. This comedy movie begins its long journey of spoofs right from its credits to the end of the film. In the process of narrating the story, a befitting mockery is made of various heroes, their humbug heroics, dialogues, scenes, songs, dances and fights, from about 100 movies, specially the most popular ones. Even some TV shows are not spared.
Actor Allari Naresh as Shiva and hero of the film makes you smile and laugh throughout the length of the film. The story is the usual of a hero, his love and a villain but with a strange difference. The villain, Thikkal Reddy’s enmity with Shiva starts just a few minutes after Shiva’s birth! The villain’s son slips over the water passed by the baby Shiva! he falls down and dies instantaneously, and the drama of revenge between the villain and Shiva unfolds! A common storyline thereafter but with countless entertaining spoofs that make the movie a great comedy.
If you have not yet seen it, I think you should, you will certainly enjoy it, specially the mockery of our heroes, their humbug heroics, dialogues, fights and action.     

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