Wednesday, May 16, 2012

There is a dire need of observing “National Etiquette Year” or Years! in our country.

The United States of America is observing the annual “National Etiquette Week” from 14th May to 18th May 2012. It is a week to remind and celebrate the national recognition of etiquette and protocol in all areas of American life – social, business, dining, travel, technology, wedding, international protocol and in every possible sphere as it existed in the good old days. The week is to raise awareness of all people to act with courtesy, civility, kindness, respect and manners as well as rally people to act with good manners in their everyday lives. This weeklong celebration is taking place in USA annually since 1997. It is observed during the workweek beginning second Monday in the month of May. 
I have extensively traveled in our country and moved along various sections of people and with that background I have no hesitation in recommending that our country should observe “National Etiquette Week” more than any other country. Not just a “National Etiquette Week” but a “National Etiquette Year” or even Years, until the overall situation improves. We have learnt to observe and enjoy a number of western traditions like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Friendship Day and many more traditions so why not this. 
Teach every youngster correct manners and etiquette.

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