Friday, March 16, 2012

Vote sensibly, vanquish the wily wolves.

By-elections to six Assembly constituencies in Telangana will be held on 18th March that is day after tomorrow. The six constituencies are Mahabubnagar, Nagarkurnool, Station Ghanpur, Kollapur, Adilabad and Kamareddy. The vacancy for Mahabubnagar seat was caused due to the death of Sri. M. Rajeshwar Reddy (Independent MLA). The by-poll in Nagarkurnool is due to the resignation of Nagam Janardhan Reddy from TDP over the separate Telangana State issue. In Station Ghanpur and Kollapur, Congress MLAs T. Rajaiah and Jupalli Krishna Rao quit the ruling party for sake of separate Telangana and joined the TRS. Similarly, TDP MLAs Jogu Ramanna and Gampa Govardhan quit the TDP and joined TRS as they realized and strongly believed that TDP is a Seemandhra Party bent upon betraying and deceiving the people of Telangana.
The Election Commission of India announced By-election schedule for these six constituencies on 16th February 2012. Since then; political parties which have misruled and betrayed Telangana over decades and have deceived in the past elections, have once again started bluffing to the people that; they and their parties support separate Telangana State whole heartedly. The electioneering would officially come to an end in the next few hours but the goons of these anti-Telangana parties would surely continue their tactics of luring some vulnerable electorate with liquor and money to favor them. Majority people of Telangana know that these parties are deceiving them. I wish every one of them would come out with their family and friends to VOTE and defeat these betrayers.

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