Thursday, September 8, 2011

The terrorists are unmindful of the grief they cause by death and injuries because they are insane, but how about our rulers.

Terrorists belonging to some insane barbaric group have attacked innocent people at Delhi High Court today, with a bomb; causing deaths and injuries. These barbarians have achieved nothing but for universal blame and condemnation, by their inhuman, uncivilized and cowardly act and yet they might be rejoicing over the blood they have shed for reasons only such terrorists and their insane swine-headed leaders can understand. 12 persons are killed and 76 people are injured, causing tremendous amount of grief and sorrow to the victims, their families, relatives and friends. We are all disturbed by such violent incidents; as precious lives are lost or maimed and the victims and their families suffer for years to come.
Similarly all civilized people all over the world would certainly be disturbed by such terrorist attacks, but how about our rulers. They continue to give stereotype explanations, lectures and assurances after every such incident, without sincerely trying to do their best in prevention of such crimes against society. And when terrorists are caught by our brave officers, our rulers seem to have no will to expeditiously and severely punish the perpetrators of such crimes.
I think we should strengthen our intelligence gathering for detection and prevention of such crimes. Top class security arrangements should be made at all public places - similar to what our Ministers, MPs and MLAs are provided round the clock and at their houses. And when the terrorists and their sympathizers are caught a swift and severe punishment must be rendered. Everything possible to deter such crime should be taken up. Some countries have been attacked once or twice by terrorists but after that; the Governments there have been successful in tackling terrorists and preventing such attacks. In this regard, we may learn lessons from countries like USA and UK and we may seek their guidance.  I am just an ordinary citizen trying to express my anguish over this incident and prevention of such attacks in future.
In conclusion I can only pray – God, bless the victims and their families with courage and strength. God, show no mercy to the attackers, let them be punished here and in hell for their misdeeds. And God, bring an end to terrorism, convert terrorists from beasts to civilized, compassionate human beings.

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