Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Down with the rule of donkeys and pigs!…political satire to amuse you!

Decades of deceitful, devastating greedy donkeys from the neighborhood and their dilly-dallying brother donkeys and queen donkey in the North are destroying my dominion, its development and peace and are responsible for the ongoing…disturbance, stir.
And these donkeys have equally corrupt, overfed, armed pigs to protect them against all their misdeeds and misrule. These pigs capable of illegally and brutally harming unarmed persons fail miserably and perennially fighting in our forests. Shame on the society that gives birth to such donkeys and pigs, which are an insult to every animal in the world including the real beast of burden and the provider of bacon.
I call them donkeys and pigs very rightly and for short, because the list of their names is a long one. And I think the list is not required as you are wise enough to know who I am referring to.

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