Friday, April 22, 2011

Today we celebrate Earth Day! Let us unite to prevent further destruction of Earth, let’s SAVE Mother Earth!

I made the above poster, an ugly one with dangerous litter everywhere and parts of a felled fruit bearing tree. To make it much uglier and sorrowful I could have put images of all those birds and animals we have killed and which can no longer be seen on Earth. And I could have put pictures of the dirty canals and ponds of Hyderabad and charts showing the dangerous noise and air pollution levels. And on a global level the projections of Earth abuse would be more menacing like Global warming / Climate change, Nuclear fallout, depletion of forests and natural resources and what not, the list would be quite long. With such graphic presentation here, it would give an impression that Mother Earth is beyond repair. My intention of this poster and article is not that, it is to remind of the abuse done so far and to request everyone to take up the responsibility of saving Mother Earth from further destruction.
It is 40 years since the world community started observing Earth Day to protect Earth’s natural environment. I understand that this movement brought about a lot of awareness and commitment among many people and Governments to protect environment, at many places in the world. But here, around me I see nothing being done. In the name of a useless ‘Road widening’ in front of our house, five trees in our house and several along the Road have been felled. This is a constant; everyday ongoing process in the Twin Cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad in the name of a new colony or a new road but we rarely hear of planting trees. It is just a microscopic number of people here who seem to be concerned about the well being of Earth and its future. I am sure you are one among them.
There are many things that people around us have to do; to safeguard environment. Plant trees in the house or along the Road, if possible. Save water - use cautiously. Save energy in every possible way, electricity, petrol, cooking gas. Use plastics and bags that can be recycled. Use environmentally friendly cleaning products and stop littering. And the local Civic bodies and the Government have much to do to take care of Mother Earth, I hope they realize this at the earliest.
Finally, imagine the above poster without the litter and logs; but with more plants, more flowers, a few butterflies, a few birds and it will get transformed into a lovely scene. And that is how Mother Earth should be; Bright, Beautiful, Bountiful, filled with Happy and Healthy Life. 

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