Monday, March 14, 2011

My Tribute to Japan.

I feel very sad about what is happening in Japan right now. The news and visuals of the destruction and suffering are heartrending. First the massive earthquake that destroyed life and extensive property followed by a gigantic tsunami that has devoured over 10,000 lives and rendered thousands homeless and now the risk from nuclear power plant explosions. There cannot be a bigger tragedy than this, a very sorrowful state indeed. There is personal resonance for me because I was in Japan for 6 months during two of my visits, I have a number of acquaintances there, and I have always had affection for this country and its people. It is very unfortunate that nature has struck Japan and its polite and peace loving people so violently causing immeasurable loss and suffering.
I am posting this article as my tribute to the Japanese; sisters and brothers. And in this hour of grief I pray for them and appeal to them to gather courage from the melodious and touching; Japanese song - “Prayer for Peace” from their 1954  movie, “Godzilla”, the lyrics of which say: “May we Outlive Destruction, May we Look to Tomorrow with Hope, May Peace and Light Return to Us”. GOD bless. 

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