Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Decades of misrule and harassment, how and when will this end?

If an A-MLA abuses and slaps an A-MLA in A-Legislative Assembly, it is a non-issue, the episode is excused, and the scuffle is not telecast, not condemned, not subjected to debates and harsh comments by A-politicians, A-political analysts and wicked A-Media. And if T-MLAs insist on being heard in A-Assembly, they are mercilessly condemned, suspended and thrown out of the house. And when T-MLAs or T-Agitators or T-Students raise slogans or stage demonstrations in favor of T-State, the A-Politicians and the A-TV Channels project them as Naxalites, Goondas, criminals, murderers and as uncivilized persons. They are fired at, beaten and put behind bars.
I pray for liberation from this disturbing, disgusting and dirty partisan A-rule.
P.S. To read the text in the above photograph, please click on it.

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