Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Very Grand and Elaborate Wedding @ Hyderabad! Expenditure - Rs. 45 Crores!

Yesterday (25th Feb.) we attended a very grand double wedding and reception function of Mr. Ravindra’s sons Ch. Rohit and Ch. Ranjit. The venue was GMR Arena at Hotel Novotel, adjacent to Hyderabad International Airport. The pre-wedding functions began at Hotel Novotel on Sunday, 20th Feb. with Mehandi and Sangeet. And from 21st Feb. to 24th Feb. there were theme parties in Nizami, Bengali, Rajasthani and Punjabi styles. And yesterday the double wedding took place in a very large “Jhoda Akbar” type of setting and the reception in a much grander “Undersea” setting with hundreds of sculpted oysters, seahorses and dolphins everywhere. The huge stage had a large water pond and a gigantic oyster with plenty of colorful lighting effects. At the reception the newlywed couples appeared as the huge oyster on the stage opened up dramatically. There was plenty of entertainment through cultural programs yesterday and on the preceding days by well known dance and music artists like Sivamani, Naresh Iyer, Karthik, Sunita, Vijayalakshmi, Mallikarjun, Gopika and dance troops choreographed by Satya and programs by few other artists. The master of ceremonies was Udaya Bhanu assisted by Shiva Reddy. At the beginning of the function the MCs explained in detail about the efforts that went into the preparation of this venue and about the exotic food awaiting us. I clicked the above pictures; to give the readers of my blog an impression about the rich and exhaustive décor at the wedding and reception functions.
Apart from the grand and unique “Jodha Akbar” and “Undersea" themes and the cultural programs, everything else related with the marriage is praiseworthy. You can see pictures of the beautiful Wedding Invitation Card worth Rs. 3,500 in my earlier post: . A pink colored Mercedes Car, unique to India, was specially bought to ferry the brides around the city, while the grooms already own a number of Mercedes Cars of M, C and other classes. Extensive and exclusive diamond and other precious jewellery were bought from Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri, for all the functions. The grooms and Mr. Ravindra bought custom built Rolex wrist watches for the occasion. The grooms wore creations of Gucci from the Runway collections, Armani, Hugo Boss and accessories from Versace. The brides wore Manish Malhotra lehangas for the wedding and Versace gowns for the reception and their mother-in-law also wore Manish Malhotra creations. Mumbai’s most popular mehandi artist Jamila did the mehandi for the brides and other family members. Mickey Contractor did the make-up for the grooms, brides and their parents. With such elaborate arrangements and the best and finest inputs to the celebrations it is obvious that this wedding has cost Rs. 45 Crores that is Rs. 450 Millions!
Very soon, everyone will get to see this double wedding on TV, in NDTV’s program: “The Big Fat Indian Wedding”. 


  1. hi uncle....this wedding seems to be the most talked function of recent times...this is one of my friend's far distant relative's marriage ..he had explained the details and I was dumbstruck at every detail he had wonder..I am sure he must be contributing a lot more to the society at large if he is able to spend of part of his fortune wealth for this auspicious occasion ...

  2. Dear Sri Krishna,
    I too feel the same.

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