Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Delicious & Nutritious! Quail Meat & Eggs.

Quail meat is a delicacy I have enjoyed since childhood, a few times every year then, but more often now. With Japanese Quail Farms coming up in recent times the availability of birds and their eggs is easy now. My grandmother was informed by someone that Quail meat is tasty and good for health and that is how she introduced this food to the family. In my childhood eggs of hen were mostly sold in the city by nearby villagers who went round houses. There were two persons who regularly sold eggs to us and on my grandmother’s order or on their own they brought wild quails for sale, which they used to catch in the forests.  
Truly it is a delicious, flavorful meat with high nutritional values, it is high in protein, high in fat and it is an abundant source of various vitamins and minerals. And the nutritional values of a Quail egg are superior to that of a regular egg (hen) though it is just about 1/4th the size of a regular egg. The sizes of these eggs and the comparison of the nutritional values of these eggs can be seen in the photographs attached to this article.
The overall health benefits of Quail meat and especially egg consumption runs into a long list. It is said to overcome skin conditions, asthma, sinus problems, cough, and allergies and benefit the nervous system, digestive system and improve immunity and brain function.
You can procure dressed Japanese Quails at most Super Markets of Hyderabad like SPAR and HyperCITY. Quail eggs are mostly available at HyperCity. A few Restaurants and Mayuri Curry Point at Begumpet serve Quail preparations. If you have never tasted these delicacies, please try and I am sure you would begin to love Quails!


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