Saturday, September 4, 2010

My nephew, Dr. Sudheer’s Housewarming Party.

My nephew Dr. Sudheer’s Gruhapravesham Ceremony (Housewarming Party) took place yesterday. Dr. Sudheer is the eldest son of my brother Dr. Lakshminarsu. My nephew got this house constructed over a period of last few months. It is a beautiful 3 bedroom duplex house. It is located in Kanojiguda, close to the Military Dairy Farm in Secunderabad, and it is just 8.5 Kms. from our residence.
The Gruhapravesham (first traditional entry into the new house) took place yesterday at the designated auspicious time of 3:15 AM. And then the Gruhapravesham ceremonies followed one after another continuously for seven hours that is until 10:15 AM. Two learned Purohits were with us to conduct all these rituals. This was followed by the family traditions of Vodibhiyyam, honoring the elders and exchange of gifts until late in the afternoon. The attached photographs are of the house, the Gruhapravesham ceremonies and other activities in the new house yesterday. All the family members, close relatives and friends were present during these ceremonies. A traditional lunch was arranged for the guests.
We are staying in the new house for few days and on one of these days we would invite the family circle, relatives and friends for a Non-vegetarian feast.
Through this column, I once again congratulate and convey my best wishes to Dr. Sudheer, his wife Dr. Lavanya and their daughter Ch. Sudhiksha. 


  1. Thats awesome uncle, congratulations to all of u:)

  2. Congrats Sudhir Anna & Family !!!
    I wish I was there for this occasion !!!

  3. thanx for the wonderful post and the wishes babai and thanx also for making the occasion special for all of us!

  4. Congratulations!...May your new home be filled with laughter and love.

  5. Congratulations... !!! Its a very beautiful house..


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