Saturday, September 18, 2010

17th September 1948 is perhaps more significant than 15th August 1947 to the families of erstwhile “Hyderabad State”. How can anyone contradict this historical fact?

The above map is of the erstwhile Princely Province of “Hyderabad State”, a Province equivalent to the size of Great Britain with a population of 1.7 Crore in 1948. As per the aspirations of 85% of the population and the struggle of several persons “Hyderabad State” got annexed to the Union territory of India on 17th September 1948 that is 13 months after India became Independent. It is an important date to observe and pay homage to all those who have made it possible. The above newspaper cuttings will tell you how this significant event was observed yesterday all over Telangana for the first time in 62 years but unfortunately amidst controversies. 

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