Wednesday, August 18, 2010

“RDS sabotage” is yet another atrocity on Telangana.

In the early hours of 14th August a crowd of about 1000 saboteurs went to Agasanur village under Kosigi Mandal of Kurnool district and destroyed four sluice gates of the Rajolibanda Diversion Scheme (RDS) - Dam. Using Gas cutters they cut open the gates and flung them into the Dam reservoir to let out water for irrigation to Rayalaseema area. This vandalism would reduce or deplete the water level of RDS and directly affect the farmers of Mahbubnagar District in Telangana to which water was promised some time after 20th August. This is not the first time such sabotage has taken place at RDS against the Telangana region. Unfortunately the electronic and print media do not bother to expose this crime with the intensity that it deserves. For the media, bowling of a No-ball by Sri Lanka to Sehwag when he was on 99 and India needed 1 Run to win the match is a much bigger crime and controversy and that got full page coverage. And to the Government, the local administration, the law and order controllers, the politicians and various other public orators the students agitation in Osmania University for a separate Telangana is of a more serious nature. The University Campus is well guarded or the police battalions are made to camp there. The students are beaten, they are called Naxalites, cases are booked against them and to prevent them from fighting for justice shoot at sight orders are issued. And when it comes to RDS which has been sabotaged earlier also to divert water to Kurnool and Cadapa in Rayalaseema, no one is stationed there to safeguard the project and protect the interests of Mahbubnagar, one of the poorest districts in India.
Twenty five persons have been arrested from that huge mob that instigated and carried out the sabotage to RDS Dam on 14th August. Government has given instructions to repair the damage done, after the water flow from the plugged out gates has stopped. With other area plunderers at the helm of affairs in AP and with timid slave-like politicians of Telangana, Telangana is destined to suffer, as it has ever since the formation of Andhra Pradesh.
Hope the wisdom of Srikrishna Commission will soon pave way for the formation of a separate Telangana State and good and strong Governance for Telangana. 

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