Thursday, March 4, 2010

A bright day turned gloomy for Hyderabad, yesterday.

It was a very bright and nice morning here yesterday. It was the inaugural day of the India Aviation Show 2010 at the Begumpet Airport. The second Air Show in Hyderabad and a much larger one than the previous one. The inauguration of the show was a grand and happy one. When all seemed well, tragedy struck the air show.
As thousands of people were watching a very impressive “Four Plane Aerobatic Formation” by the Indian Navy’s Sagar Pawan Team, one of the Aircrafts – Surya Kiran crashed into a residential building in the nearby Bowenpally area, just as their performance was coming to a close. This happened around 11:45 AM and soon there was news of the death of pilots, Commander SK. Maurya and Commander Rahul Nair and a civilian. As news spread of this tragedy through phone calls and news channels people all over the city were shocked and felt very sorry.
The top photograph is of the four aircrafts in a formation some time before the accident. The plane that crashed is the second from left. The second photograph is of the crash site.
Death always causes heartache and finds fault with God and the people who may be responsible for this accident. But ultimately lessons have to be learnt from such sad occurrences and all necessary precautions taken to prevent such tragedies.  
The photos below are of us at the Air Show.

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