Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Beware of the Indian TV-Mega Serials.

The above photographs are of the family watching the video recording of the dances at the Wedding reception of my nephew, Dr. Udhay Bhasker. The enthusiasm and interest shown by the family in viewing this recording is obvious from the above pictures. However this article is not about this wedding event or viewing of the recording but about Telugu and Hindi TV-Mega Serials. This article is to warn people not to watch these serials as they have a very bad influence on majority of the viewers.
Watching even one serial has ill effects and watching more is much more dangerous. Even occasional viewing is bad as each episode creates such suspense or twist that it would make you see the next and the next. The twists, turns, climaxes, anti-climaxes, plots, murders, marriages, re-marriages, revenges, jealousies and what not would go on in circles and circles for years with no end or a meaningless ending.  Viewing such serials becomes an addiction. The main aim of the Serial producers and telecasters is to suck as many people as possible into this addiction for the purpose of improving their viewership ratings and for selling ads. It is never to tell a simple straight story which is useful in our day to day life or with much needed social messages.
A recent article I read stated that mostly women are the victims of this addiction and they are vulnerable to diseases related with abnormal blood pressure, anxiety and obesity. Some of them may waste their time in discussing the serials or neglect their day to day works, their children and their social responsibilities. With all the violence, criminal plotting, jealousies, deceit, greed for money, jewellery and riches, love for the extremely beautiful and hatred towards the normal looking persons is bound to inspire harmful behavior in children and even in some adults. Under these circumstances the best thing to do is to keep away from such dangerous shows.
The best alternative would be to spend more time with the family members’ chit chatting, going out, more socializing with friends and relatives, watching nice movies, watching reliable News channels and other short jovial, interesting and knowledgeable TV programs. And of course, spend some smart time on the Internet, but never watch the Indian TV Mega Serials. In short, this crooked entertainment is a waste of time and harmful to our personalities and families.

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