Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Is Telangana Pak? High Court asks Cops.

The mighty Telangana agitation of nine months in 1969 could not be suppressed by brutal force with baton charges and firing by the Police several times all over Telangana.  About 370 persons, mostly students were killed in these senseless firings. There were thousands of hunger strike camps and peaceful demonstrations in Telangana for a separate Statehood and these were disturbed by the authorities which led to skirmishes. And this was reason enough to open fire and cause unnecessary deaths. It was the inhuman attitude of the then leadership of AP against Telangana that brought about this agony to the local people. I loath to type names of such cruel and wicked tyrants. It is very unfortunate that we have statues of such villains in Hyderabad. Telangana youngsters and jobless persons agitating against the injustices done to Telangana were mercilessly killed by this leadership. Finally if the agitation of 1969 was not successful it was entirely because of politicians, specially the Telangana politicians who won the elections as candidates of  Telangana Praja Samithi and ditched the TPS Party and the Telangana cause to defect and become Governors, Chief Ministers, Ministers or simply shameless slaves of anti – Telangana leaders. People of Telangana have forgiven all these villains but surely God would not shown mercy to these exploiters and betrayers of Telangana and executioners of its youth. They are surely R.I.H. (Rotting in Hell) for the sins they have committed against Telangana.
And in these forty one years since then, Telangana has been once again neglected; more promises have been made and broken. They are treated as jokers and evil persons and their language is ridiculed not only in movies but in real life. Statehood was promised during the last two general elections by all political parties of the State and once the formation process was declared; objections and problems were created. And now once again brutal force is being used to terrorize and suppress the demand for Telangana. In spite of the observations by the Human rights Commission and the ruling of the High Court, situation at Osmania University Campus had not improved until yesterday morning. With sterner warning from the High Court yesterday and after the High Court turned down the Government plea to position Rapid Action Force in Osmania University campus, the war zone atmosphere is being cleared. The above paper cuttings are of 16th and 17th February which would give you a clear picture of how peaceful the students were and how ruthless the Police were towards them and the journalists who were covering the brutality of the Police. You may please zoom into the above clippings to read the comments of the High court and its rulings or click on the two links below. Similarly for every meeting being held in connection with Telangana anywhere in the region serious objections are raised stating it would create an unmanageable law and order problem. Then with an appeal to the High court, justice is granted and the meeting is held. This gives me hope. The greedy, double-tongued, corrupt politicians may not get Telangana State. People agitating for freedom from plunderers and cheaters may be shot dead. But ultimately someday the Judiciary and a Judge looking into the injustices done to Telangana may recommend and see that a separate Telangana State is formed. Long live the Judiciary and may the tribes of corrupt, selfish, opportunistic, wicked, characterless and criminal politicians come to an end; not just in Andhra Pradesh but all over the country.
PS. To read the above clippings directly from the Newspaper Websites you may click on the following links:
1) Is Telangana Pak? HC asks Cops (The Times of India, Hyderabad):
2) AP Cops lawless: HC (The Times of India, Hyderabad):

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