Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Horticulture Expo -2010, Hyderabad.

Every year on the Republic Day – 26th January, a 5-day Horticulture Exhibition of a very grand nature is inaugurated at Hyderabad. This Year’s Horticulture Expo is the 20th annual show being conducted in succession by the Department of Horticulture, Government of Andhra Pradesh. It used to be initially held in the Public Gardens and since the last few years it is being held at the People’s Plaza on Necklace Road which is larger and has a huge parking area. How grand and colorful it was can be realized from the above photographs.
This year’s Horticulture show as in the past featured the best of horticulture practices, latest technologies and a wide variety of high yielding vegetable, ornamental and fruit-bearing plants. There were over 200 stalls exhibiting plantation crops, vegetables, fruits, tuber crops, flowers, spices, mushrooms, condiments, beekeeping equipment, regular and exotic plants, saplings, agriculture technology, irrigation methods and seeds and fertilizers. There were stalls exhibiting green-house accessories, garden tools, agricultural implements and pesticides. There were nearly 50 colorful nursery stalls which did brisk business.
Apart from the thousands of flower plants there were stalls exhibiting Bonsai plants some of them 25 years old and Ikebana skills of the locals. To further enjoy the beauty captured in the above eight sets of panoramic pictures you may zoom in to each of them to a very high percentage and review.

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