Friday, February 12, 2010

Congrats! “Vijaya Dental Clinic”.

My brother, Dr. N. Lakshminarsu’s Dental Clinic at Secunderabad has just completed 30 years of service to countless patients of Twin cities and adjoining areas. Through this column I wish to congratulate him, his family of Dental Surgeons and his team of other specialist doctors for the exemplary service being rendered to society since so long.
Soon after obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree in Dentistry (B.D.S), my brother established a Dental Clinic in 1974 at Kothagudem Town. He also worked for Singareni Collieries for few years and then on 4th February 1980 he started his Dental Clinic at our house – “Srilekha” in Secunderabad. He named the clinic after his wife, Smt. Vijayalaxmi as “Vijaya Dental Clinic”. Since then he has been practicing exclusively from this Clinic. Both his sons are Dental Surgeons. His eldest son Dr. Sudheer has studied M.D.S.  at the prestigious All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi. He is an Oro-Maxillo-Facial Prosthodontist and Implantologist. And his youngest son Dr. Udaya Bhasker is a Post Graduate, an M.D.S. from the same institute, AIIMS as his brother. He is an Endodontist and Conservative Dentist. My brother’s both daughters-in-law are also Dental Surgeons. Dr. Lavanya is a Cosmetic Dental Surgeon and Dr. Hina is a Periodontist.
I wish all of them the best of everything on this happy occasion.

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