Tuesday, September 29, 2009

It is a year since Srinath left home, for higher studies.

It is one year since Srinath, my youngest son has gone to England to pursue higher studies. He left home on the night of 29th September 2008, two days prior to his birthday. This is his first trip away from home on his own and it is turning out to be a long one. His School, Junior College and Degree College education have been at Secunderabad and all these Institutions are reachable from our house in minutes. When he wanted to pursue a Post Graduation study, that is M.Sc. in Finance and Accounting, in U.K., we agreed but with some worry as had never left home even on very short trips.
He was to join the University by 3rd October 2008 and he got his Visa stamping on 24th Sep. 2008. After receiving the Visa he got his ‘Hyderabad to Birmingham Flight Ticket’ for 29th Sep. night and started packing. With just 5 days left for his departure there was hectic activity, flight booking, shopping for additional clothing and other essential requirements, bank related works etc. Those five days passed off very fast and only on 29th Sep. night as we were leaving to the Airport we felt more saddened of the ensuing separation.
We hosted a farewell dinner for him on 28th Sep., and on 29th Sep. evening we celebrated his birthday, two days in advance. Later that night we dropped him at the Airport and bid him farewell at about 12:15 midnight. We returned home with a heavy heart and were in touch with him over his Cell phone until he boarded his flight. It took few weeks for us to get adjusted to his absence.
On 30th Sep. we were constantly in touch with his friend and classmate Zameer who reached Birmingham few days prior to my son. Zameer received my son at Birmingham airport and took him to his place of stay and the University for Admission. The same day my son got a Cell phone connection and we were glad to be in touch with him. He joined the university the next day, on 1st October 2008, his birthday.
Within few days he got well settled there, made friends with a number of Indians and was having food as close to what he has here. He learnt to cook, which he never had to do here. Every day we are in touch a minimum of two times over phone, specially his mother. And thrice or four times a week we have long sessions of video calls and are happy to see him. We are glad that he is taking good care of himself and managing everything very well. He has invited his close friends for his birthday party on coming Thursday. He is comfortable and happy there and that is a great relief for us. He has plans to come for his brother Srikanth’s marriage. God willing Srikanth’s marriage should take place soon.

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