Sunday, June 14, 2009

Thanks Skype!

Thanks Skype! You are doing immense service by connecting friends and family living in different countries, free of cost. Any given time I find over 12 million persons! using Skype.

Skype is the most popular Voice communication service in the world and it offers high quality voice and video free for PC to PC service.

Since my son and my nephew went abroad about a year ago, we are using Skype extensively. My youngest son Srinath is in the United Kingdom, for pursuing higher studies and my nephew Dr. Udaya Bhasker an M.D.S. from AIIMS, is a faculty member at a Dental College & Hospital in Saudi Arabia. During their daytime hours we call their Mobile phones, mostly using our landline phone with BSNL Call Card. And they call us using their Mobile phones. These phone calls normally last for 6 minutes or at the most 15 minutes.

Over Skype our conversations last for 30 minutes to 90 minutes or even more sometimes. We keep our PC ON & Skype connected the whole day. Both of them have Laptops, internet connected with webcam etc. As and when they return home and find time they call us. Some times on week days and certainly on weekends. Udaya Bhasker’s week end holidays are on Thursday and Friday. The whole family assembles in front of the PC to say hello and talk to them as we watch one another. The streaming video and high quality voice give an impression that they are with us in our room. We have a fairly good idea of their house, rooms and furniture. My son stays in a house with five of his colleagues and my nephew & his wife have a house for themselves. My son has to prepare food once a week for his colleagues and if on that evening he cannot talk to us from his room he carries his Laptop to the kitchen and he talks to us as he is cooking. We can then watch him cooking and it is very amusing because back home in India he never made tea or had to boil milk.

I just do not know how Skype manages to give all this for free. I only wish it lasts forever and I sincerely wish to thank Skype.

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