Friday, May 1, 2009

About Sudhiksha's career!

This pretty child with a charming smile is Sudhiksha. She is the granddaughter of Dr. Lakshminarsu, my elder brother.  I am writing this blog to consider the possibilities of Sudhiksha becoming a Dental Surgeon, like her grandfather.  At the outset, I think if the choice of her career is left entirely to her or to my brother, she would certainly graduate to become Dr. Sudhiksha, yet another Dental surgeon in the family. Even now, as a child she loves going to brother’s Dental Clinic and spends considerable time there. Many patients are her friends. She goes to two play schools every day, to ‘Cubs’ in the morning and to ‘Roots to Wings’ in the evening. At ‘Roots to Wings’ she must have talked a great deal about her grandfather and his clinic and this prompted the teachers to seek permission and bring all the teeny-weeny children on an excursion to the clinic. She was proud and happy with this development as her mother and grandfather was explaining about brushing techniques and dental care to her friends and classmates. I know that it is too early to discuss Sudhiksha’s career, but for many in Andhra this is a big pastime. As soon as a child is born; schools, colleges and careers are chosen and even plans of American education and Green Card are made.
My brother is the first Dental Surgeon from our community in the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad. When he established his clinic in Secunderabad, his clinic was the fourth in the city. Several years later, when the eldest of his two son’s Sudheer appeared for the Medical and Dental college admission test ‘EAMCET’, he scored a good rank. He was eligible for a seat in MBBS but due to my brother’s desire and Sudheer’s interest; B.D.S., was opted. Later Dr. Sudheer did his Post-graduation at the prestigious A.I.I.M.S., New Delhi. He is an Oro-Maxillo-Facial Prosthodontist & Implantologist. My brother was particular that his daughter-in-law also should be a Dental Surgeon. So Dr. Sudheer’s marriage was solemnized with Dr. Lavanya a Cosmetic Dental Surgeon. Sudhiksha is the daughter of Dr. Sudheer and Dr. Lavanya.
In a similar fashion, brother’s youngest son Dr. Udaya Bhasker studied B.D.S., and then M.D.S., from All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi. He is an Endodontist and Conservative Dentist. His wife Dr. Hina, you might have already guessed! is also a Dental Surgeon! and in specific a Periodontist. By now you must have lost count of the Dental Surgeons I have mentioned so far; there are five in the family.
Now I don’t have to tell you about Sudhiksha’s career, you already know what she is going to be, unless God wills something different. May God bless her richly and fulfill all her wishes.

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